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The stories in this gallery were submitted via the Web in 2003 using our create essay tools. There is an exceptional range of submission--five countries, all ages, and a range of emotions and takes on the family snapshot. Only two authors have used their own images; the others have chosen photographs from our archive.

We welcome your feedback at and your submissions of photos and stories.

Daddy and Me
by Charlene Morton
Wales, United Kingdom

by Jennie
United Kingdom

The Style of This Portrait Reminds Me of My Deadbeat Grandfather
by D.H.K.
age 22
Baton Rouge, Lousiana, USA

Fish Dog Suit Me
by Mark Farrier
age 38
San Francisco, CA, USA

by Elizabeth Buchanan
Indiana, USA

Questions Without Answers
by Cherry Magnet
Age 20
Portstewart, USA

Boy With Gun, Girl, and Parents
by Amy Lovelace
age 20
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Swinging Siblings
by Anonymous

by Anonymous

The Way Things are Learned
by Eman

Those Were the Days My Friends
by Daire Mulholland
Age 19

Daddy's Girl
by Anonymous

by Jean Mc Nulty
age 20
A Day at the Lake
by Kelly
Augusta, Maine, USA

See One, See All
by Jennifer Clayton
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Cute But Solemn
by Anonymous
I Wonder
by L mitchell
Age 25
Texas, USA
by Juliet
New York, New York, USA
by Melinda Clark
age 29
Mt. Vernon, Ohio, USA

River Road
by Michael
age 23
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

by Carolyn
age 30
Seattle, Washington, USA

by Amanda Singleton
Louisiana, USA

Me and You and a Dog Named Sue
by Leo Sailor
age 43
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
When We Were Young
by Paola


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