See One, See All

This is a collection of family photographs that I remember well. In addition to holidays and family parties, I can recall countless other relatively insignificant moments when I look at the pictures. I remember my grandmother holding me close when I was little and my dad swinging me around in his arms. I was awed by my younger sister's baby fingers and loved taking care of her, at least until she began to talk! I can still hear my mom's seemingly-distant voice while I was underwater as she taught me informal swimming lessons each summer. I eventually gained the confidence to brave the deep end of the pool alone. She made Halloween costumes for my sisters and me and walked around the neighborhood with us to trick-or-treat. My sisters and I, along with nieces, nephews, and friends, spent countless hours outdoors, swinging on swingsets, attempting to turn cartwheels, and climbing the giant oak tree in our backyard. These memories are as vivid today as they were during my childhood. They have been preserved in photographs; random moments captures in time and stored in boxes or the occasional half-filled scrapbook. These are not the photographs that are stored in those boxes or albums though. These are pictures of strangers, interpreted in the way that best represents my memories. While they are other people's family photographs, they still evoke emotions similar to my personal pictures. It is startling that pictures of other families are reminiscent of my own personal photographs.
submitted by
Jennifer Clayton
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

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