Me and You and a dog named Sue

During my younger years, I lived with my mom and younger sister. I didn't have a dog of my own for a very long time. Since my mom shared custody of us with my father, I often didn't see him until the weekends. He would take us to visit my Grandma. She always had a dog or two. My favorite was Smokey. He seemed to know I needed him more than he needed me. So, he would be waiting in the window for me as we drove down the block. I spent every chance I got exploring the woods with my best friend, Smokey..... One day dad called & told me that Smokey was lost...Every one still thinks to this day he went looking for me & lost his way...I spent a year looking for him. I never found him. Grandma did have other dogs of course, but it was never the same. Than things started to get real bad in my family, which meant a new wife for dad. My father knew my favorite TV show was Lassie. So one day, on on one of our usual weekend visits, my father suprised me by saying, "I have something downstairs for you...."
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Leo Sailor, Age 43
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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