Buddy went through several owners in the midwest before he migrated to a new litterbox in Seattle. We have been together almost seven years now. This cat is the same coloring as he, but Buddy would be a no-neck football player if he were human. They both have such sweet eyes...there is a pure no-nonsense spirit in cats that I adore. It was a cat in my distant past who taught me a great deal about forgiveness and love. She died in a vicious attack, but then she never really died. My cat is almost a dog, my friends mistakes him for one by the way he behaves. I'm glad he is in the body of a cat so he doesn't smell so bad, and I can hold his tummy close to my face. I love him so dearly and so do many people he has crossed paths with. My partner has gotton used to his presence and we play fight over who loves him more. The way he glows is how we step outside and see the love in our family. The immense amount of love and fur at home can make you melt and sneeze.
submitted by
Carolyn, age 30
Seattle, Washington, USA

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