This picture portrays a group on one of the most enjoyable days of the year, Halloween. Like many children, they have dressed up. This enables us to label the group as fun, yet not everyone has dressed up. We can speculate that some of the subjects have the characteristics of the group clown or comic. We see the trust and comfort of the people towards their comrades. These young people are celebrating in a country which is wreaked by religious and political strife they as many people have found the strength to live there lives with a certain level of normality in extraordinary circumstances. In some respects this photo is posed with some of the subjects in a stance, which suggests a confidence while others seem edgy, and other comical. As all groups of friends it has its own distinct dynamics each person has a different personality and relationship with the other the centre characters seem to have a closer bond suggesting a relationship of love. It also shows a character who does not hold a problem wit sexuality as he has dressed as a women yet his attention is drawn away for the camera we also could question who took the photo and what is there relationship to the group and why he or she did not wish to be in the photo. My attention is drawn to the fact this group contains a microcosm of society. As in all groups of friends we are not drawn by colour or creed this group is symbolic of the diversity of friendship. This group seem to be happy; the multiracial group are unphased by the strife over gender and colour in Israel. We are therefore reassured that no matter how suppressive and restraining society is bonds of loyalty love and friendship over come all.
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