The photograph is of five children in the early 1960's presumably playing at the beach or lake etc. This photograph makes me think of the innocence of youth, and how utterly content we are as children, because we are more in touch with nature due to the fasination of it, and, generally, because we find contentment with the simple things in life. We make more time for friends and seem more fullfilled by having friends when we are younger. As we get older, we look back at pictures like these and it often feels like a hundred years ago, because it seems we become tainted by the commercial and materialistic world forgetting about how to be as free and happy as we were as children. I think this photograph was taken because the person taking it, knew it would look excellent because of the beautiful location and how the children appear to be so happy in their playfulness. It is a picture I think that is and was meant to evoke nostalgia in this group in years to come (concerning their childhoods). Even though I am not aware of who the people are in the photo or where exactly it was taken, I feel every photo is important in some sense, because a picture is mostly primarily used to capture a significant moment in your life a moment that can not ever be caught again. Therefore a picture is something I personally look at and it will automatically bring me back with clear recognition to a particular stage of my life. That I feel is the beauty of photographs.
submitted by
Jean Mc Nulty, Age 20

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