Those were the days my friends

This photograph makes me think of the U.S.A during the height of the hippie movement. Although the people within the picture are in-fact posing for the camera they do not appear to be forcing the expressions that are present on their faces. Unlike some photographs in which people pose for, these three friends appear to be comfortable with each other and the situation at hand. Through this photograph I can detect a feelings of love and companionship between these friends. At this time in America there was a lot of political strife with the Vietnam War in full flow not to mention the civil rights movement and various other mass movements that were present during the time. It is possible that these friends were indeed part of one of the mass movements but by the expressions evident on their faces they seem to be happy to be alive during this period of freedom and unity. The photograph itself is of a very stereotypical nature in conjunction with the Hippie movement. The actual appearance of the people that we are looking at and in-fact the van that they are sitting in, all produce this image, in my head anyway of a particular time in U.S history. If indeed these people were a part of the mass movements that operated at this time they seemed un-phased by the trouble that was in their everyday life. The photo could have been taken just before the three friends embarked on a journey together perhaps across America, or if I dare to embark further down this road various other options present themselves to me. They could be friends that are enjoying their last summer together before they set of to college, perhaps because of the selection of universities available in the U.S the friends are going in different directions to pursue different career choices that they desire. If this is the case this photograph maybe for the benefit of the forth person or the cameraperson. Perhaps it was taken by the forth member of the posse just as a token for them to cherish as they grew older and their lives began to go in different ways. Perhaps the reality of the situation is that the forth person is the one going somewhere instead of the three that are in the photo. If this were the case he took perhaps this photo as a remembrance of his friends. The picture itself maybe of no significance to the mass movements which I have mentioned. Perhaps they are just friends getting ready to go to school or work and someone has taken a photo of them for no apparent reason other than to add to their album. But to me there is definitely more. If the people involved in this photo were just posing they should be doing it for a living. There is too much emotion in this photo. It has an aura of love, happiness and content ness. And in my eyes it is definitely depicting an aspect of the late sixties. This photo is fitting of that time-period as the emotions that are evident in this picture were evident right across sixties America for many people of the three friends particular generation. This photograph may have been taken for a number of reasons. Perhaps it was taken to be used by the media as an image of the time in which they lived or indeed perhaps they are present at a mass march or meeting. They may even be at a concert. Because we are unable to see what is happening outside of the van it is hard to get a more accurate insight. The surroundings may have been unable to unlock some of the mystery of the photograph. But with the limited vision that the photo offers I have drew all that I can out of it. The reason that I chose this particular photo was because it reminded me of photos that I was involved in. The same layout just the three of us maybe not in a van but in a tent or on a train maybe even on a boat. This reminds me of friendship for some reason, not to sound over passionate or sentimental, but it reminds me of the love that should exist between real friends. Thatís all I got to say.
submitted by
Daire Mulholland, age 19

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