The stories in this gallery were submitted via the Web in 2002 using our create essay tools. There is an exceptional range of submission--four countries, all ages, and a range of emotions and takes on the family snapshot. Four authors have used their own images; the others have chosen photographs from our archive.

We welcome your feedback at cvisions@cat.nyu.edu and your submissions of photos and stories.

Pouty Face
by Lindsey Springer
by H. Maas
age 22

Mi Galeria
by Vivian Martínez Tabares
Havana, Cuba/Lima, Peru

by Michael DeVoll
Houston, TX USA

by Antonio Prieto
no five
by Matt
Virginia, USA
age 16
Elly Millican
was it worth it?
by Stormie
age 22
Michigan, USA
Best Days?
by Matthew Lucas
age 14
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
cowboys and indians
by Corina and Mark
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
a big old old family
by Rose Rayman
age 12
Los Angeles, California USA
Youth of This Generation
by Joel Paul Shearer
age 14
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The Cowboy
by Seth
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Cat Eats Family
by Ryan
age 14
sibling rivalry/your face
by Alana and Frances
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
The Dance
by Michelle H.
age 29
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Flash Self Portrait
by Juliet, age 8
New York, New York, USA
by Jamie Gilpatrick,
Middletown, Connecticut, USA
Yes Sir
anonymous submission
age 38
boat trip
by Jonathan Reisfeld
Los Angeles, California, USA
rarely happy
by Richard
age 23
New York, New York, USA
Starting Over
by Larry
age 57
Montgomery, Texas, USA
The Perfect Day
by Rachelle
The Update on Shawna
by Steve Hagensicker
Sunnyside, Washington USA
Picture Perfect- Isn't It?
submitted by
Love Your Pets
by Austin Goudie
age 14
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Me and Kira
age 8
New York, New York, USA
Feeling Above All
by Aidan
age 14
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
see you later
by Urmila Venkatesh
age 25
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA


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