Elise, Sam, and their daughter Juliet, decided to go up into the clouds to see what they were made of. They zipped up in a private air plane. The cabin was open. It was a warm day- even up in the clouds! The family was passing through the clouds. "This is a good time to get out to investigate the clouds," said Elise.
"I'm tired. Can we lie down on the clouds.?" Juliet complained. .
"First let's see what the clouds are made of. If they are just an optical illusion, then we will fall. But if the clouds are made of cotton balls, like I thought, then they should be safe."
As they approached a large cloud, Sam decided to reach out of the plane, to feel the clouds. They were made of cotton balls. Safe! Elise and Juliet climbed out. Then they relaxed, able to lean on the clouds. They tunneled through the cloud , to the position in which their picture was taken. I forgot to mention, that Elise's photographer friend, Lorie, had come up to take pictures of the clouds, as their evidence.
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