Swinging Siblings

Firstly, I have chosen this photograph as I was looking for a picture of a brother and sister playing freely. This reminds me of playing with my older sister as a child. I selected the late 1980's as the criteria for time because in that period I would have been the same age as the young boy in the photograph. The young girl appears to be slightly older than the boy and this parallels my own childhood before the birth of my younger sister. Strong memories of my life come to mind when I look at this. This was photograph was probably taken by a parent who wants to preserve a lasting image of the youth and innocence of their children. It will bring back memories in years to come. The children appear to behaving well and getting on well together. When they are arguing in future years as all siblings do, the parent can take out the photograph and show them it. Without a photograph the young children have no evidence or proof that anything happened. As far as many people are concerned, if you can't remember it, then it didn't really happen. I believe that the photograph still has some meaning although we don't know who the people are. We can interpret it in whatever way we want. It will remind us about people we knew and of better times when nothing seemed important or stressing and we were happy with no stress or troubles.
Anonymous Submission

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