In commemoration of World AIDS Day and the 9th annual Day Without Art on December 1, 1997, Collected Visions is proud to present images and writings by the youth of the Hetrick-Martin Institute(HMI). The Institute, home of the Harvey Milk School, is a not-for-profit agency serving gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth in New York City.

H M I Youth Speak Out
by Victor
by Irene
by Joey
What does it Matter? Matter? and
The World is Difficult
by Christian
After Life
by Jamal
AIDS UnTitled
by Marisol
Untitled Untitled
by Pooya
by Jacob
Untitled Untitled
by Frances
by Harold
Divas that Dare to Care
by Sammy
The Cold Empty Bed The Cold Empty Bed
by Neil
No Title No Title
by Laura
Complexities of our minds
By Abdul
Untitled Untitled
by Joey
HIV & Me
by Wilbur
Sunday Afternoon Homily Sunday Afternoon Homily
by Austin
The Test The Test
by Charly
Untitled Untitled
by Wilson
Answered anonymously by HMI Youth, presented by Adjoa

We encourage you to submit your stories, photographs, and memorials about people affected by and infected with HIV/AIDS for the Positive Visions Archive which began on Day Without Art 1996.

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