My thought's on H.I.V. are very hard to explain or understand. I think teenager's and people don't understand what this sickness can do to you. H.I.V. is something people don't think about while they're having sex, they think about it afterwards. Teenager's are afraid when they get AIDS, they think they are going to die right away and they don't tell anyone. Then they realize how dumb it was to have unprotected sex.

Taking chances is something everyone, every minute, does. I think people should take AIDS seriously. The world is just coming to an end, if humans are just going to take their own live's. People should help one another get through this illness.

I have a friend who has AIDS and is figthing hard to stay healthy and to live longer. At first he thought he was going to die quickly. But later he realized that now there are more way's to live longer. And he's just taking it day to day and I stay right by his side helping him.

by Frances

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