How long is the window period?

I am currently HIV negative. I always use dental dams, rubber gloves, and condoms. I don't drink blood or shoot drugs into my veins. I always get pierced professionally if I don't do it myself. I've never had a blood transfusion and my dentist always used rubber gloves. And S&M and B&D and other varieties of violent "kinky" sex bore me.

I was raped though. Because my body wasn't mine for a day I don't know if I'm infected. If I'm infected with anything I haven't manifested any symptoms yet. Even if I am infected with the virus and don't develop full blown HIV+ status or that of any other STD, I wonder if I could pass on any disease to anyone I interact with. I constantly get tested for all STDs but I don't trust my body anymore because I'm not sure of what's inside me.


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