H.I.V. and AIDS is an issue that has never affected me personally, and I really thank God for that because it is something that I know is very hard to deal with. I am a diabetic and I sometimes get so tired of all the pinching and having to give myself injections but I am very grateful that I have a disease that I can at least control. I really wouldn't know what to do if I had to deal with H.I.V. or AIDS. But it has affected my life this year.

I applied for a job at the Hetick-Martin Institute and I thought that the job was only to help around and clean up and stuff, but boy was I surprised when I went into training! I had to go through some intense training on H.I.V. and AIDS. I really didn't like it at first but after about two weeks, I started to realize that this was something that is seriously affecting teens around the world.

My current job requires me to go out to different sites such as colleges, high schools, youth centers, etc and speak to teens about safer sex, H.I.V. and AIDS. So I am using what I learned in training to teach and to maybe even possibly save a life. I also use my my knowledge on this subject to teach my friends and family.

H.I.V. and AIDS is a disease that many people, especially teens, think can't "touch" them, but I hope that they open their eyes and realize that H.I.V. and AIDS is not a picky disease. It doesn't just pick on people, just remember that God made us all equal! And don't think that just because someone doesn't "look" like they have H.I.V. or AIDS they don't have it. It is a disease that can hide in your body for many years before you even know a thing.

By: Laura

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