Sunday Afternoon Homily

I know you don't often hear it from me, but
I love you
It has never been easy to say, of course
I've acquired a new sense of hope,
a way to love, my-style
You can call it prayer if you want
my latest addiction
the everlasting fix
a dying impulse that goes in circles, or you can call it art
I am the artist, as well as the audience
You are too, I know that, I admit
We can absorb the emotions, the puzzle pieces together.

Do you want to share this moment with me?
I want the attention, you know it
It's our understood phenomenon
I'm trying to provoke something in you
a nerve that hasn't gone stale
I know that is what you really want.

Yesterday I was ignorant of not letting go
I built a wall between my thoughts and my feelings
Now I ask that you share with me in knowing it
to release the pain, the loss, the days gone by
each one by one.
Maybe, I don't want to seek your forgiveness
for the memories that remain of me
the names of people I knew and moments I have felt
those we will always have
Your love for me needn't be one that cures
but cares
It may not make sense to you, but
I can live with it, that kind of love
like sunlight behind the curtains
pierced by the dissonant wail of cars
without any destination or starting point.
I will always accept its existence.

I know you don't often hear it from me, but
I love myslf, can I therefore love you
I know it now. I admit that and
I want to experience it with you.


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