Day Without Art was created by the organization Visual AIDS in New York City on World AIDS Day, December 1, in 1989. In talking about Day Without Art, Visual AIDS writes:
"...the AIDS pandemic is not over. Now more than ever is the time to protest, cancel, disrupt, shroud, divert, and display. Now more than ever we ask that all Day Without Art participants create local observances tailored to the needs of their communities."
It is in this spirit that Collected Visions created Positive Visions for Day Without Art 1996. The Positive Visions Archive contains snapshots and stories by and about people living with HIV/AIDS, who have died of AIDS, or who are caretakers of people with HIV/AIDS. This archive will remain and grow as a separate gallery within Collected Visions for as long as it is on the Web.

We are very excited about Positive Visions' 1997 Day Without Art Project. We invited youth from the Hetrick-Martin Institute in New York City to contribute their writings and artwork about HIV/AIDS and create our Positive Visions site for 1997. The Hetrick-Martin Institute, home of the Harvey Milk School, is the oldest and largest not-for-profit multi-service agency serving gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth.

  If you are interested, we hope you will contribute photographs, memorials, testaments, and autobiographical writings to our Positive Visions Archive.

You can email your story to, and we will put it together with your images. If you have any color preferences for background and text, let us know. PLEASE NOTE that we will consider all contributions, but we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be accepted. Please see the submission information for more details. If you have any questions, please email Lorie Novak at

We are also providing links to other Day Without Art observances as well as links to HIV/AIDS resources on the internet via our links page.

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