LORIE NOVAK installations

22 minute computer-based projection by Lorie Novak with internet audio fragments
Software by Jonathan Meyer

view 5 minute excerpt

installation views at ArtSway


Interweaving photographs of significant moments from the last 50 years with personal images, Reverb places the individual within a deeply political and historical context. Viewers are enveloped by images and sound. Approximately 200 images images dissolve and re-eppear in an almost perpertual cycle akin to history itself. The chronological sequence contains both important and little known documentary images of historic events from the Holocaust to the current Iraq conflict. Personal imagery including Novak's family snapshots, self-portraits, and travel photographs from the same periods are interwoven with the media imagery.

Selected audio fragments, taken from on-line audio archives, play randomly alongside the projected images - and are complemented each day by a live news feed taken directly from the internet. Viewers, finding themselves situated in the midst of visceral imagery and constantly stimulated by the random audio streams are challenged to consider their own individual perspective of these events.

The installation uses special software designed by Jonathan Meyer to generate the image dissolves and to stream audio content from the many public audio archives on the internet such as npr.org, bbc.radio.co.uk, storycorp.org, and the historychannel.com. Direct broadcasts of past historical events, political speeches, and personal testimonies make different sound/image permutations each time the piece is played. [more sources info]

Reverb is the third installation Novak has made using family photographs and media images to explore the relationship between personal and cultural memory. It is the first, however, to be made in the time of the internet where multiple and global views both past and present are easily accessible.

Reverb debuted at ArtSway in the New Forest in Southern England, October 16 and is on view until November 21, 2004.

Online version commissioned by SCAN for the exhibition Data Agency.
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