Following are links to many of the public online audio archives that provided the sound fragments heard on Reverb. The Web is rich in audio resources; this list is by no means complete.

The llve streaming news is drawn from the NPR hourly updates in the US,, and BBC world news bulletins in the UK,

Major Archives

BBC Radio

National Public Radio

The History Channel

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

Radio Diaries


University Archives

Avant-Garde Literary and Art Audio Database

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke

Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Holocaust Testimonies

Stories from Young People with HIV/AIDS

University of Missouri, Kansas City Archive

Public Radio Programming

911 Hearings

This American Life

American Radio Works

Democracy Now


Sound Portraits

Walter Cronkite

The World

Additional Sources

Civil Rights


Hiroshima Witnesses

Holocaust Survivors

Malcolm X Audio Video Clips

Voice of America

Women's Rights

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