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If you want to see the photographs in our archive, this is the link that lets you search the archive and find resonant images (your own or those of others.) The database contains approximately 3,000 photographs submitted by hundreds of people.

From the search results, choose images to write about and follow the directions. If you want to submit an essay without photos, please email it. If you want to write about your own photographs, and they are not in our archive, please read the submit snapshots section. Of course you can submit photos without writing about them.

Click on any small image and a large one will appear with information on where and when the photograph was taken.

CV Gallery and CV Museum
If you want to see stories submitted by previous visitors to Collected Visions, please visit the CV Gallery and CV Museum. Contributors have not only written about their own photographs, but have used others' photographs from our archive that trigger their memories. The essays are selected by site creator Lorie Novak and exhibitions in the gallery change every 2-3 months. The CV Museum contains all the essays from our past gallery exhibitions categorized by content of the stories.

Submit Snapshots
Here you can find instructions as to how you can contribute your family's photographs to our database via the Web or by mail.

Explore an extensive bibliography of books, articles, catalogues, and artists books dealing with snapshots, family photographs, memory, and related issues. There is also a section of links to related sites that also use the web as a site for collective memory.

Launched on December 1, 1996 in commemoration of Day Without Art/Worlds AIDS Day, Positive Visions is a continually growing archive and collection of stories, photographs, and memorials by and about people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

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