Photo Essays
"The Long Haul"
submitted by Rebecca Maya Parker
Berkeley, California USA
age 29
"Memories with my family"
submitted by Takayo Sasaki

"Am I Cute?"
submitted by Kellie Gauthier
Waterford, Michigan USA
age 17

"Kinder Days"
submitted by Celia Aristy
Santo Domingo, D. R.
age 25
"Playing with Fire"
submitted by Lia Gima
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
age 30
"Remembering Innocence"
submitted by Ian Erickson
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
age 19
by Lisa Ortega
Cupey, Puerto Rico USA
age 26
by Marianne Alvarez
Daytona Beach, Florida USA
by Emily Maxwell
Melbourne, Florida USA
age 18
"Shannon and Shadow"
by Linda Sullivan
Daytona Beach, Florida USA
My First Communion
by Rene Paul Barilleaux
Jackson, Mississippi USA
age 38
On my honor I will try to serve god, my country and mankind . . .
by Erin Donnelly
New York City USA
age 24
Searching for the Sun
by Eric Sorensen
Pullman, Washington USA
A Solemn Occasion
by Meredith Kasten
Connecticut Collge
Connecticut USA
kitchen stories
Thirty Octobers ago
by Robin
Indianapolis, Indiana USA
age 37
She looks like I did then
by Liliana Martin
Winchester, Massachusetts USA
age 38
Is this what home was
by Joanne
Good Morning America
by David Callen
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
My Gun
by Allison Evans
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA
At Grandmother's House
by Michael Devoll
Houston, Texas USA
age 32
Snoopy, how I loved you!
by Rachael Katz
Beijing, China
Mom, can we please go home now.
by Josephine Fassari
Brooklyn, New York USA
age 38
Ana, Elly and Poldi. La Paz, Bolivia
by Leo Spitzer
Colors Blurred
by David Cowan
Brooklyn, New York, USA
age 36
Chinese American Family
by Monica Chau
Los Angeles, California USA
by H. Maas
age 22
Pouty Face
by Lindsey Springer
Me and Kira
by Juliet
age 8
New York, New York, USA
I & Monkey
by Igal

Fish Dog Suit Me
by Mark Farrier
age 38
San Francisco, CA, USA

Swinging Siblings
by Anonymous

Daddy's Girl
by Anonymous

A Day at the Lake
by Kelly
Augusta, Maine, USA

See One, See All
by Jennifer Clayton
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


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