I cannot remember when I did not know him. His lips are the only lips mine have ever embraced. His arms are the only arms that have held me deep into the night. His fingertips are the only fingertips that have caressed my body. His eyes are the only eyes that I have gazed into with such passion. He has watched me grow, from a young girl to a young woman to an old lady. His love never faltered with age or change. I bore his four children. He became a father and I a mother. He made sure we had everything we needed. I never had to question his love for me. The passion remained in his eyes. Even as he became very ill, I could count on my morning kiss. He could count on me being there to take care of him. I cannot remember life before him. Now I have to learn how to live without him.

submitted by Lisa Varner
Ann Arbor, Michigan USA
September 1996

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