lost at sea

the brothers grime lived not far from the sea, or was that the gate? Nonetheless they played happily, sauntering back and forth as if they didnt have a care in the world. And then one day, I remember it well. It was dark and scary as Hell's kitchen and Buddy Grime had not had enough mud to play with. So he took off for the Bay of Jamaica, or was it Pigs, and there amidst the tires, the rubble, the figs,the dump, he found giant blue crabs all covered in mud. And of course grime. His sister Belle, who looked so swell, was called Grimey for short. This I never understood since she was so tall. And did we have a ball! Oh well. What the hell's kitchen. She grabbed those crabs and put them in a pot and the rest is crab stew history. Or is that herstory? Again I dont know. But legend has it that the Grimes always had enough to eat and always had grimey feet. And the rest is in a footnote.

submitted by Dionisio
Brooklyn, New York USA
October 1996

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