Vacation with my family

This photograph brings back a memory I had over the holidays a few years ago. The older man in the picture reminds me of my uncle, and the little girl of my cousin. She came in from Toronto where her mom lives. Her parents are divorced and her father is a lawyer in Dubai, a country in the Middle East. My uncle had to have his leg amputated from his knee down. This was because he smoked a lot and ended up getting a blood clot in his leg. He now has to wear a wooden leg which, as you will soon find out, doesnít stay on too well. It was during summer holidays and my family was at my other uncleís cabin on Duck Lake, Montana. My uncle had always enjoyed sports and we played a few together, along with fishing and boating. That night my cousin was cooking steaks over the fire. When he came back to check on them the neighbors dog ran over and took a steak right off the fire. After chasing the dog for about an hour we finally gave up and he ran off with a mouthful of steak. After dinner the whole family went outside and started to play soccer. More and more people joined in and my uncle wanted to give it a go. He ran out and kicked the ball. Unfortunately he kicked with his wooden stump and it flew right off his leg! It must have been a very powerful kick because the wooden leg soared over all of our heads and right into the lake! Everyone was laughing too hard to try and get it so it floated out farther into the lake. We ended up taking the boat out to get it. We all had a good laugh but my uncle was in pain. He fell over and hurt what was left of his leg. But he was not badly hurt besides a sore leg and a damp wooden leg for the rest of the week.

submitted by D.F.
Calgary, Canada

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