This picture reminds me of my grandparents' wedding photo. In the picture that I have, the whole family is standing on the steps to the church. The bride and groom (my grandparents) are leaving. I recognize some of the family members that I met over the summer at my uncle's wedding. My second cousins, who are in their fifties now, are there as twelve year olds. One of the funny parts is that my grandfather never changes. I have loads of pictures of him, and between his wedding picture and pictures of this summer there is hardly any difference whatsoever. He doesn't age!!! My grandmother, on the other hand, looks very different from the last pictures of her (when I was about three years old) to the wedding picture you can tell that she is much older and you can also tell when she started getting sick. Unfortunately my grandmother died when I was very young. My grandfather remarried a few years after my grandmother's death. I also have pictures of their wedding. My aunt got married two years ago in May and my uncle got re-married this past summer to a wonderful woman with four children. That makes a total of six cousins for me. In reality, only one is a blood relative. All of these weddings have been happy and I wish the newlyweds luck in their marriage. I love them all deeply.

submitted by JML
Calgary, Canada

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