My Dawg Mysaa

In June my family got a dog. She was born in April and was only the size of an egg. Now she is eleven months old and weighs four pounds. She had a pitch-black coat but now she has gray hairs. She has humongous talons on her feet and we are going to get them clipped due to her clawing up several shirts. We named her Mysaa, which is Polish for teddy bear. Now we have gotten to know Mysaa better. She can NOT tell the difference between stuffed animals and real animals. Many stuffed animals have met their fate at her paws. She goes crazy when someone enters the yard at night. She greatly detests being held when she wants to play and is always ready for a scrap of food to fall off the table. One she ran around our block, thinking it was a game while we were trying to catch her. We always said that she wouldn't get to sleep on our beds. But when Mysaa broke her leg she cried and yelped and cried some more until either my mom spent the night on the couch or she got into my parents bed. So now Mysaa sleeps in our beds, alternating. She wines and moans and groans until either my mom says "Good Night," or I say "Shut UP!" Mysaa has become a part of our lives.
submitted by
Remick Palmer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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