This picture reminds me of my trip to Mexico. We went in November. It was so hot there and so cold back in Calgary. We went for my grandparent's 50th anniversary and almost all of my dad's relatives were there. It was an "all excusive" so we got to go anywhere in there and could eat whenever we wanted. We only left to shop and go to the Aztec ruins. My cousin and I played volleyball, water polo and there was a contest. What you had to do was get the other person off of the other side of the upside down kayak. I came second against my cousin and he won a toy. I also went kayaking and boogie boarding. I went to some Aztec ruins with my aunt, uncle and cousins. When I was at the ruins there was water so I went swimming. Luckily, we brought our swimsuits. After we went back to the hotel. My aunt had trouble with the bus fair but she eventually got it. At the hotel the seawater was really salty and their pool was cold so I stuck to the salt water. When my family went shopping I bought two carved animals, a turtle and armadillo. I also bought two necklaces. With some of the shops we got to haggle the price lower. When we came back the next week and I had to catch up in my schoolwork.
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Calgary, Canada

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