O the memories

This picture definitely reminds me of all the time I spent as a little girl dressing up with all of my mom's old clothes. The clothes were all kept in a big cardboard box that was almost full to the top. I remember the box was so big that I often had a hard time getting in and out of it. The box was so big, my mom would put a little step stool beside it so I could get in and out and find what I wanted easily. Of course I never used it for I thought I was too good for the stool. I remember one time when I didn't use it, and I fell getting out and got a big cut on my head. The clothes were mostly made up of my mom's old dresses that she didn't wear anymore and her old shoes that were too small for her. The dresses were really tacky (which is why my mom probably gave them to me). Regardless of what they looked like, I wore them and had tons of fun! The shoes however, were without a doubt my favorite items. I would take the best care of the shoes and make sure never to lose or scuff them. But I remember that it wasn't so much the look of the shoes that I liked, but the way they sounded on the basement floor. I loved the click-clacking of the heels, and I felt so grown up wearing them. They were of course too big for me. I would always measure how much space was between my heel and the back of the shoe. I wanted my feet to grow so they would fit and not slip off. Now instead of wearing my mom's clothes to play dress up, I borrow them to actually wear. One thing that really brings back the memories of when I was young, is when I go babysitting and the little girls play dress up and have imaginary tea parties. It's actually kind of a relief to know that some things don't change with time.
submitted by RF
Calgary, Canada

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