Miss America

I absolutely love this picture because it brings back so many, thoughts, feelings and memories from my delightful childhood. It reminds me of all the pretty dress up clothes I used to own and play with. And how much I used to enjoy wearing something pretty. I always had to wear the dress that I wanted, or I just didn't want to play. To achieve this, I would race my sisters to my dress-up box. But, if my sisters got there first, and got the dress I wanted, I just could not enjoy the game, no matter what else I wore. Receiving the best dress made feel like a queen, and I was the most important one there. I used to think I was better then everybody. Whenever my mother would buy me a new dress I would strut down the stairs slowly, so that the company could see me in my nice new dress. My parents would say I acted like Miss America. Once, my grandparents were sitting in the kitchen looking out the glass patio doors when I showed up, posing in front on the glass doors, thinking it was mirror and pruning myself up without realizing they were there. I realize now I was a very self centered, shallow little girl, but I can just laugh about it, and enjoy my memories. It's always fun remembering how you acted when you where younger, and sometimes you hope, like me, that you have changed, at least for the better.

submitted by CB
Calgary, Canada

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