Francois and I

This Picture reminds me of when my brother, Francois and I used to play together. One time I started throwing hot wheels at him. Since I was so small he wasn't allowed to hurt me or he would get in trouble. All he could do was dodge them. This picture reminds me also of another event. This reminds me of when my brother and I would draw and listen to music together. We used to draw motorcycles. We frequently used to play Lego and this picture reminds me of that too. He always used to make better ships or cars then me. He also stole all the good pieces. I always used to make him so mad. That's because I broke all the things he made right after he showing my parents. One time he broke my little Lego town I was so mad that I broke his airplane model. Anyways it became a huge braking frenzy. My brother had a huge train set. My dad bought him a new train every month. I remember one time I climbed up on it (I was really young). I destroyed the mini KFC, 3 of the trains and the remote to control it. When my brother came home from school he got so mad and he started crying. That was the last time I touched his train set. My brother and I are much better together now. We still get in fights together but it goes by so fast. My brother is now 17 and I'm 12. We have a long way to go.
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Calgary, Canada

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