Friends Forever?

My best friend Sam and I were very close. We lived next to each other and always loved to play. One day we would be unicorns prancing through the evening sky and the next, we would be fairy princesses granting people wishes. Seeing as my parents were never home, I would always go over to her house. I have more memories with her family than I do with my own. We were going to be friends forever, best of buds. When we were nine, seeing as she was a gifted signer and artist, she joined a theatre group and was able to play less and less. I missed her but we still got a chance to play from time to time. Than something happened that made it even harder to get together, my parents decided to divorce. That meant we were going to have to move. Not being next door to each other, and my mother being so busy, we almost never saw each other. Best of friends no more. I made new friends at my new school and new friends on my bloc. Slowly, Sam was becoming less a part of my life. We never anticipated growing apart, but somehow it happened. When Sam called one day and invited me to visit, I was ecstatic. I went over and, we soon found it awkward. We no longer had so much in common, we both had different friends, interests and opinions which, were mostly conflicting. I went away that day feeling that I had lost something, it was sad. We werenąt the same people anymore and the people that we had become, realistically, wouldnąt benefit from each otherąs company. Looking back now, I know I realize that anything is possible. If we were willing to give up some time from our busy lives, we could have rebuilt our friendship. It would have taken time, been hard, and there surely would have would have been sacrifices from both sides. The saddest part is that we didnąt even try. I will miss her always, but never will I forget the time we shared.
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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