This photo reminds me of my childhood friends. We all met in kindergarten and never parted through elementry. Whenever we went somewhere we had to go together or we wouldn't go. Nothing could separate us. We had our own little club and we would meet at the back of the field in the far corner and talk about every thing. I had lots of memories that were good and bad. Like all best pals we got into a lot of fights because we couldn't decide on the little things like who was it in tag or whose turn it was to get the books for each other, but eventually we made up and it was all back to normal. What I loved about our friendship is that if we got into fights we all new that soon every thing would be ok. We always knew that we would be friends together. We told everything to each other, our crushes, our secrets absolutely everything. But one day everything changed and eventually we all drifted apart. Me personally wished it had never happened. We had been together all through elementry and suddenly we stopped telling each other our secrets. It had been six years since the day we all met. I thought it would be exactly the same but I was wrong. We just started junior high and although we were in the same school it wasn't the same. I went into French and they were in English. I knew that someday we would drift apart but now I needed them most. I knew absolutely no one in my class and I thought we could hang out at lunch like in elementry but they had met new friends. We didn't hang out anymore; we all hung out with our new friends. Day by day, month by month, we slowly stopped getting together. Soon we stopped talking all together. No more going to the mall, movies or birthday parties, but most of all no sleep over, the club meetings had vanished. It just wasnąt the same, it wasnąt fair we all promised that we would be friends forever or so I thought. Sometimes I wish that I never had gone into French so we could still be great friends. But I can't go back in time but if I could I know I would be in English right now. Although I lost my best friends I gained many other. I hope one day we will catch up with each other and have a secret club meeting just like old times.
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