Before Bed

This picture reminds me a lot of my sister and I when we were little in one of my old houses. It would have probably been just before bedtime in the winter since our nightgowns look really warm. The little girl's nightgown (which would be me) is probably a hand me down from her big sister. Also when I was little, I was in bare feet a lot (same with my sister). I can still remember getting up in the morning and feeling the really cold floor on my feet when I went down for breakfast. I loved my stuffed animals. I remember once when I found a picture, it was a picture of the couch covered in stuffed animals. In the corner of the picture was my sister in her nightgown looking very pleased with herself. This must have been taken before I was born or when I was to little to remember because I don't even recognize the couch. I loved eating shredded wheat before bed as a snack or even in the morning. As a matter of fact, I loved to eat it anytime. It was so good (it still is). It also gave me an excuse to stay up a little later. I never seemed to be tired. I remember saying goodnight and then maybe go brush my teeth, then I'd come back down and say goodnight again. My mom and sister hated this. Sometimes after laying in my bed for a long time and I knew my mom and sister were downstairs watching TV, I go down and say that I couldn't sleep, then I could stay up at least a little later.
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