My best friend

When I was 7 years old I had a friend named Ronnie. From grades two to six we were in the same class. We were inseparable. We would do everything together. After school we would call each other, at recess we would play girls chase boys (we'd always win). During lunch, we'd share our snacks. We were the same ethnicity. We were close like sisters. I remember once it was her birthday, and we went to chucky cheese. Just us two, we were there which seemed like forever. Hanging on the bars, playing games and winning prizes. Later that night, I slept over at her house. That whole night we stayed up gossiping even though we were 7 and had nothing to gossip about. I was older than Ronnie by a few months, but she seemed like the big sister. When I fell she picked me up, and I cried she cheered me up. Always looking after me, making sure I wasn't picked on. She was a sister I never had. Everything seemed to be going great, five whole years with my best friend Ronnie. My dad started helping Ronnie's dad finish their basement. My mom and Ronnie's mom started sharing family recipes. We spent every Christmas together, and our families almost became real families. Then one day she came over with a frown on her face. Ronnie never frowned, so I knew something was wrong, and, in fact, there was. Ronnie and her family were moving back to China. I was devastated. I never thought this would happen, but it did and I wasn't prepared for it. I was loosing a sister. I spent nights crying in my room, I didn't even get to say good bye, or give her a hug. I was so mad at her, I couldn't talk to her. Now that I think back, I really regret letting her leave that way. Over these past years Ronnie has written to me through letters. I am extremely happy that we are staying in touch, and I hope to see her again sometime. No one has or ever will take her place.


submitted by L.K
Calgary, Canada

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