We where supposed to go on a camping trip when Danielle went into labor. When my nephew was born, we rushed to the hospital. He was born to Jordan Morris and Danielle Hemising. Jordan Morris was 21 when his son was born. Danielle was 20. They never lived together. Danielle still lived with her parents, and Jordan lived with some friends. When Jaden was born, they split. Today they don't get along, but they talk just enough to decide when Jordan gets to see his baby. Jaden lives with his mother and maternal grandparents. He spends every weekend with my family. He comes Friday night and leaves Sunday after dinner. When we are with him, we go to the park, and go for walks. My step-dad loves it the most when Jaden is around. He spends a lot of time with him. He gets up with him early, he puts him to bed at night, he even feeds Jaden. But he will not change his diaper! Jaden sees his dad only occassionally. He sleeps over his house maybe once a week. But right now Jordan works up north, so Jaden doesn't get to see him. Now a days, Jaden can say some words such as: mom, please, thank-you, ball, ta-ta, up, go, apples, and oranges. He can walk, and that is something he loves to do. He walks everywhere. He likes to go to the park, and he loves playing with basketballs. He likes buttons. When I am at the computer talking to my friends, Jaden always comes in and presses the keyboard. And he loves the telephone! He loves pressing the buttons. A month ago Jaden was playing with my mom's cell phone, and he pressed 9-1-1! Then he hung up. It seems unreal but it happened. About a minute later the police called back, and my mom got in trouble. She asked her to please put her key lock on before letting him play with the phone. Jaden is a very cute baby, and I love him.

submitted by SM
Calgary, Canada

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