My Sister

This picture reminds me of my sister, Kim. She is my oldest sister and I love her very much. She has always been there for me and has given me advice. Although, sometimes I didnšt ask for it she makes sure she gives it anyways. At the time it bugs me but in the end that it what probably brings me and her closer together. The reason why this picture reminds me of her so much is because of the facial features she has. The curly brown hair is a main feature. I remember being so jealous of it because I never had it but she did and I never got the same compliments that she did. Her cherry red lips are very hard to miss because of how beautiful they are. They make her face what it is by their shape and color. Her nose is irreplaceable. Her nostrils always flared in and out when she got mad and they still do. I make fun of her because that makes me laugh and because they only do that when shešs mad it make it even worse. She forgives me though, or finds something to make fun of me about. Her eyes are beautiful and are the most beautiful part of her face. Because of my sisters pretty face makeup was not in her priority list because she had so many great features that would only be hidden. I have always been mad about this because in my drawer is a box full of makeup waiting for me everyday in the morning or if I am going out. As you can see I would love to be like my sister and have the life she has. I want to be like her when I grow up. I love her so much and I would never replace any of the moments that we have shared together.
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Calgary, Canada

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