Flash Self Portrait

When I was 7, I got an I-Zone camera. That was my first camera that was all mine and real. (That meant it took pictures.) It wasn't just a toy. Before then I wondered and I still wonder how people took pictures of themselves without having another person around. So I decided to try it out. First I thought that you would hold the camera in front of you and then just snap the button. But I didn't want to waste film and if I tried that and it didn't come out, I would be wasting film because there was only 12 pictures on a roll. So I decided to take a picture in the mirror. It didn't exactly work because of the flash, but it was very interesting. So I took a few more of them. I think that some of the pictures had things that were being reflected in the mirror and not just a plain background. I haven't tried that in awhile but I will try it again.

submitted by
Juliet, age 8
New York, New York, USA

July 2002

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