Two sisters and a brother

While this assortment of snapshots does not accurately reflect my family, it helps me recall certain pictures in our family albums. The picture of the two sisters reminds me of the hands-in-pockets pose my sister and I usually chose when having our picture taken.

When we had our picture taken with our older brother, we were lined up vertically or horizontally, like the snapshots with the three children. We have one polaroid, however, of the three of us in front of a Christmas tree where our brother is not seen because we were sitting on his back and that part of the picture didn't turn out.

The group sitting stiffly in the living room reminds me of Saturday nights at my parents' friends' house where they played cards while we stayed out of sight with the other children. We also spent a lot of time outside. During the winter we built snowmen and forts. During the summer, we fought the insects for our food at picnic areas like this one.

submitted by Fern Paul
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
April 2001

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