sibling rivalry / your face

If you have a sibling, you have this picture.

O: older
Y: younger

O: i used to be like you. everyone paid attention to me ALWAYS.

Y: just don't drop me.

O: you are so small. i feel so big...for once....

Y: you are so big and wise. i want to be just like you. please teach me the ways of the world.

O: ahh. A new impressionable mind for me to mold. i can make you do all the things i would get in trouble for...because 'you don't know any better.'

Y: yea but i'm cuter and you're still gonna get in trouble

O: i have to admit, it'll be kind of fun when you get older and we can play together.

Y: when will i be old enough?

O: soon.

Y: i love you.

O: i love you too.

submitted by
Alana and Frances
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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