My Mother

My mother, Ruth Erikson, is in the center holding a card or record of some sort. She had auburn hair then, and a little curl in the middle of her forehead. By the time I was cognizant of her, beyond just being my mom, her hair was already gray and she died it red. Since there were no color photographs taken of her before the late 1950's, I never saw her natural hair color. For some reason that seems very odd to me now.

My mother was the youngest living child in the family. Her sister was 10 years older; her brother was 15 years older. Her own mother had died the year before this photograph was taken from tuberculosis. All her life my mom found joy in the simplest of things and was ever so grateful for them. She, my sister, and I all looked the same at our respective age 5's. And my mother always loved those pompom hats.

My mom always said I was such a happy kid and that I made her day just be being alive. I miss her so much now that she has passed away.

submitted by Betsi Meissner
Tucson, Arizona, USA

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