Although I only knew you briefly,
And I really don't know where to start,
I would like to thank you Marion,
From the bottom of my heart.

I remember those shopping days clearly.
Michelle with all her beauty,
Liz with all her grace and style,
You, Marion, projecting all your support and
Wisdom; Most of all your precious love.

Mother and Daughter, Daughter and GrandDaughter.

At the time a struggling entrepreneur,
You gave me so much more.
Your visits will always be embraced,
Your absence will be felt always.
Your memory a lasting treasure.

Mother and Daughter, Daughter and GrandDaughter.

Thank you God for these three women,
Thank you Marion for all you've given.

Midge Menard
submitted by Jamie Gilpatrick,
Middletown, CT, USA
submitted February 2002

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