My mum told me that when I was born, my sister treated me as her most prized possession. I was HER baby. She would spend hours looking through the net of the playpen where I was in, trying to entertain me by performing 'shows'. Whenever I cried, she would immediately stick the milk bottle into my mouth, even though hunger was not always the reason I cried for. Looking at this photo reminds me a lot. She was just starting to acquire the skill of walking, but she would anxiously try to push me in my walker, or drag me to walk along with her.

It's been 18 years now, and she's still doing the same. Sharing her best experiences with me and hoping that I would get into the same clubs, the same organizations, the same schools. We've been studying in the same primary and high school, and now, the same university. I doubt if we'd be working together later on...maybe it's time to start walking on my own feet...

submitted by Jill Kaung
age 18
Michigan, USA
April 2001

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