The Update

The day finally came in June of 2001, when Shawna left home. She moved to Seattle, about a three hour drive from here. Yeah, on the day it happened, there were some tears. But she had met a guy named Jesse, who is real good to her. We couldn't be happier that they get along so well. As with us, leaving her family has been stressful on her too. But she has Jesse, and couldn't be happier with her life, even though she is still missed around here and misses being with us. But I guess I better jump ahead a little.

On March 23, 2002, Jesse and Shawna got married. Funny thing is, we still like the guy. They live just outside of Seattle. Shawna is now working in a doctors office, and loves it. Jesse works in home construction, so they both keep busy.

We all keep in close touch daily by phone, and take turns visiting them, and them coming here every few weeks. Not as fun as having them close by, but at least they aren't five-hundred miles away.

Getting to know Jesse has been a lot of fun. We might have lost a daughter from our home, but we've added a nice son-in-law to the family. All in all, everyone is doing well, and we wait to see what else the future brings. I'm sharing a few pictures of them and their wedding day. Shawna, I know you will see this. We still love you, and will always be there. Good luck in your life with Jesse and you know this ain't the end of the story either. This is just another beginning.


a poem for Shawna

Steve Hagensicker
Sunnyside, Washington USA
submitted May 2002

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