I don't really know who this person is or what their reasons are for this position; however to me it trigers a memory of my father that will always stay in my heart. Every sunday morning after we ate breakfast my younger brother, dad, and I would take my dads soocks and roll them into balls. We used to throw them as we played a game similar to that of tag. We would throw them at eachother and run and hide. Thinking back. . . its funny how it was the simple things made me smile. After the sock game my dad would do the most unconventional excercizes, ones I can't even describe. Back then every thing he did seemed normal, but as I am remembering, his ways were quite excentric. Mom often refers to him as an excentric nonconformist. This picture is the best description of one of his regular practices. He would constantly try to tell me that it was healthy to stand this way on your head inorder to cleanse you system. He took it as a challenge to see how long he could remain in this position. I just remember his face turning red hoping that he wouldn't have a heart attack. I used to stand beside him in the exact same position hoping to feel the same satisfaction that he preached about. I never could stand as long as he did. The rest of the time I spent watching him, listening to him breath. I was trying to figure out how this position was so heathly and why it was so good for ones body when all I ever felt was a headache. He doesn't do that excersise any more but sometimes I feel like it looks comfertable. Maby because it would break me away from the conventions of everyday life. Or maby because it would bring back the same feelings of happiness I felt as a kid simply sitting next to my dad.

submitted by Anjali Mehta
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
November 1997

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