When Little Girls Grow Up

My name is Steve, and my wife is Ruth. Lets just say we are both under fifty, but over forty, as the years go. In the spring of 1982, our daughter was born. We named her Shawna. Would we keep her? Well, there would be a test.

Since I had a stereo system that would rock-and-roll to the point of feeling the music, Shawna was listening to it long before she was born. The day we brought her home came the test. As she lay sleeping soundly, I turned the music on to just a level that would awaken the average person. She kept sleeping and seemed quite content. We kept her.

To this day, that early love for music has tended to rear it's head, and volume, for all these years. As parents, we now know what our parents (mine especially) had to put up with. Yeah, we still like her......... even though the phrase "Turn that down" has been heard around here for many years.

Although parenting is a hard thing to do, you have to be solid in teaching your young ones right from wrong. This has to be done in a fair and firm way, but always with love and honesty.

We must have done something right, because she has grown up into a most beautiful person, and I mean her heart and soul. Although a little like her dad at times (Snicker!), she's honest, has a good sense of humor, a bit devilish at times and a pleasure to have around. Well, I guess we all have our days, but I stick with that last sentence. She's never been in any major trouble, calls to let us know where she is and feels quite free to discuss anything with us.

She graduated high school with the class of 2000, and is now working with elderly people and taking classes to learn more things in the health care field. There are a couple pictures here of her with our German Shepherd, Sage. (Sir Sage Little Bear) A most beautiful soul in his own ways. We lost him in October of 2000 to kidney failure. He was a short five years old, our best friend and her very best friend. It was very hard on all of us.

Although the pain is still felt at times, we did take a trip to find another German Shepherd friend. He is now eight months, and quite the devil at times, but coming along very well. He will also be a fine friend for us. His name is Stryke (Devils Litening Stryke) and still growing.

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Steve Hagensicker
Sunnyside, Washington USA
submitted April 2001


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