cowboys and indians

On July 15, 1952 twenty families gathered together for a showdown. It was their fifth annual block party and they weren't holding anything back! There was always a competition for the best costume. Billy and Todd were neighbors and best friends.The block party was their favorite time of the year. About an hour before this picture was taken, Billy was riding his bike and Todd jumped in his path. Billy swerved and hit a pot hole. He flew over the handle bars and landed on his head. When the bleeding stopped Todd gave him his hat to wear for the costume contest. Next door to Todd lived the MacCroy family. Sally was four. and she was not in a good mood. About an hour before this picture. she was all dressed up in her cowgirl outfit when her older brother Jack came in her room pretending to be an indian. He picked her up and swung her around and she couldn't stop laughing. He tied her up with rope and put her in the bathroom and ran away laughing. Sally didn't think it was so funny anymore, she tore off the rope and her costume and decided to protest. She would not dress up for this stupid block party that her older brother and sister didn't even have to go to. Down the street Tommy was much more excited for the party than Sally was. Tommy had been waiting over six months to wear the costume he had bought in Florida while visiting his grandparents. He knew he would win the block party costume contest.
submitted by Corina and Mark
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
submitted January 2002

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