my red shoes

i actually have an older sister, not brother, but these pictures remind me of looking through my own photo albums. often times these photos are the only windows looking into my childhood. i don't remember anything before i was four years old, when it was just me and my sister and my little brother wasn't born yet. but one of the most vivid early memories i have is when i went to the store with my mom to buy shiny red shoes. i don't know how old i was, but i remember that i wore the shoes all the way home after we bought them. i wish that i had a picture of me wearing those shoes. i'm glad that my family took a lot of pictures of me when i was little. because most of my memories were not as vivid as my red shoes. these pictures help me recreate memories of the innocent simple life as a child.

submitted by Laura
age 18
West Bloomfield, Michigan USA
April 2001

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