The Quest

At birth, I knew you.
In the womb you had whispered
secret songs of promise.
As an infant, I saw you.
But eyes of innocence
could not comprehend
your glory.
As a women, I have searched
for you;
for the meaning of my
Upon pages of knowledge
I have lain my mind and heart,
seeking for wisdom.
Day and night I gave my tears,
my time, my breathe,
to the quest for Truth.
And now
I have found you.
Not in human vision
or human words
but, in the breezes of
your earth,
In the scent of pine and
and in the sound
of babbling brooks.
I inhale the revelation.
You have always been with me;
patiently waiting
for my eyes to be opened.

submitted by Melinda Clark
age 25
Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA
submitted June 1999

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