Love Your Pets

This little essay is all about the love we need to show our pets. Our pets are the things that keep our lives together. After a stressful day of work or school, you can come home to a dog at the door waiting for his walk or a cat who come to fawn over you as soon as you enter through the door. Our pets put up with all the trash we can throw at them, and even after that, they still love us unconditionally. Some even protect us from stuff that we never would have found out about until it was too late. They make us laugh when they play around with their favorite toy. Return all the love that your pet(s) give you. Buy them treats and give them out when they've been good- or maybe buy them so new toys just to show them you care. Pets may be a little boring or hard to take care of, but the rewards are endless. So next time you see your pet think to yourself "what could i do to make my pets life easier?" than go and do that. Grow to love even your pets' bad habits and punish them in a loving manner not by just hitting them or putting them in a room for awhile. You could also just reward them for all the good things that they do for you. Just make sure that you love your pet until the day it dies because it will never stop loving you.
submitted by
Austin Goudie
age 14
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
September 2002

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