What's Wrong With Cats Anyway?

I'm not sure what the record is for the youngest cat lady around, however, I feel that just by default I should be her. What a claim to fame! When all else fails in meeting your goals, just go for the one that's already there --a part of you that just exists without even trying. So, lets say my goal has always been to be: 39 years old, have 7 cats (most of them were rescued), and not have a date in more months than I care to remember! Of course, with the men I've dated and been married to, I don't feel that I'm missing anything! At least with cats, you know where you stand. You don't expect your cat to pay for dinner, you don't even expect your cat to have a job! Cats can cuddle and that's it! Mostly, cats are much less of an annoyance than men. If your cat misses the litter box a bit, it's not nearly as gross as when your man misses the toilet. I just expect better aim from a human.

So, now it's me, Amanda, Cody, Tripper, Love, Winnie, Papillon and Sarina. (Did I mention that I also have two ferrets? But that doesn't count, right?) Never have I been so happy, so at peace. I feel no resentment when I come home after a hard day at work and see those furry little felines sleeping all around--unlike the feeling I get when there's a lazy man without a job laying around my house. I feel that my life certainly has more meaning taking care of homeless animals, as opposed to taking care of lazy men. (Do you sense some other issue is also at hand?) Now, don't get me wrong! I would love to have a wonderful man in my life! However, I'm not willing to give up any of my animals, nor could I say that I'd never bring home just one more. Is there a man out there who loves, not only cats, but all other animals? Who wants children, but doesn't act like one himself? Does he have a job, that he's successful at? Money for retirement--has he thought about that? I don't want to have to work at McDonalds when I'm 70! (The cats may not mind the fish sandwiches, though!) Is he kind, considerate, respectful, and funny? Perhaps I'm just too damn picky. But if that's so, and my man doesn't exist. . . it's okay!!! I have my cats. I'll just be a cat lady!

submitted by Kathy Rogers
age 39
Los Angeles, California, USA
submitted June 1998

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