The summer that we all decided to drive out to California and live together was the best, nothing but laid-back beach-bumming days. We started in Ohio, packed a bus full of people and drove out to the west coast, excited to feel the warm cali sun on our backs. Between about 13 of us we had barely enough cash to make it there. By the time we actually got there we were nearly broke, we had barely enough to buy 2 loaves of bread and one gallon of milk which was consumed within about 2 minutes. We knew we couldn't live off of nothing, so we all got jobs, most were low paying jobs, but enough to survive on I guess, I mean we didn't really care as long as we got those few months to all be together for what might be the last time. We sub-letted the cheapest places that could be found from a man who had a gold tooth and never buttoned his hawaiin shirt more than one button. All freetime was spent on the beach, it's where we all would congregate every day, it was our temple. On the colder days we'd explore the beach, but on the days where the sun was as bright as could be we'd do nothing but splash around and build human pyramids while the sand squished between our toes.

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Jessica, age 21
Michigan, USA

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